Who are we

Co-founder Donell

I have been obsessed with finding hair care products that understand black hair beyond just marketing. Like many I spent years straightening my hair then perming just trying to find “manageability”. On top of the damage the perms had done to my scalp I also discovered I suffer from Eczema making me so self-conscious of the appearance of my scalp and hair in public. In 2012 I, decided that I would go natural. There is no cure for Eczema and although I haven’t permed my hair in over 10 years, I’m still dealing with the aftermath of using such harsh ingredients on my scalp for so long. After trying several brands, I began my own research on natural ingredients and techniques that could help moisturize and grow my hair while also minimizing the appearance of dermatitis on my scalp. After tiresome development and self-testing, myself and my sister launched Amaniq. These products are carefully formulated with all natural ingredients and essential oils that are known to promote growth and penetrate the hair shaft to deliver maximum moisture, nourishment, and length retention.

Every day we learn more about how our bodies work and how to take better care of them. Let Amaniq help you unlock your hair’s true potential.